About Our Logo

The three interlinked components in our logo represent the three key organisational elements that have to work in harmony if your organisation is going to generate value for all of its stakeholders.

The red component represents leadership - your organisation's vision, strategy and direction, values and the personal leadership that your top team need to give to the enterprise.

The green component represents the business processes - how your organisation raises and fulfils its customer expectations in ways which generate value and loyalty and how marketing, selling, operations, customer support and finance need to come together to do that.

The blue component represents human productivity - how your organisation gets outstanding contributions from committed employees and enthusiastic teams and how recruitment, training and development, employee relations and rewards management play their part.

All three need to be properly integrated and without compromise to really release human potential - and this is how we add value to our clients.


Are you the leader of a technology or engineering SME?

If you are, then congratulations - isn't 2020 an exciting time to be growing a business!

Taking the plunge in the first place required many things including seeing the opportunity, finding the funding to get things going and recruiting the team to deliver on your vision. Not to mention courage and determination in spades and probably a patient partner to boot!

And growing and accelerating away from those heady days as you scale-up brings a whole load of additional problems and challenges; if only there were more hours in the day and your people had the stamina to match yours.

In fact all leaders of SME's strive to build highly successful companies and invest all of their waking hours at it. And yet with no shortage of good ideas, intellectual effort and sheer hard work the reality often falls short of the dream - how can that be right?

Building Effective Organisations

The fact of the matter is that building and developing an effective organisation from scratch is an incredibly difficult thing to do and it gets even tougher once you've tasted the delights of initial success.

There are so many business disciplines that you will need along the way and you probably don't have the resources to sign them up when you most need them.

This is where we come in and so this website is to help you decide if and when you should be considering investing time and your money in a business focused HR directorship service and/or OD consulting services.